Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Last Month On The Stack

So I am still having fun on Substack.  Last month,  I published an example of what to do when you buy a bad comic book, a Happy Orthodox Easter greeting, a comic with multiple punchlines (just like David Lynch's The Angriest Dog In The World), a comment on how politicians in favor of gun control are always protected by men with guns somehow (any one of them ever tried giving up their guns first and see how that works out?), an application of the logic politicians who catch Covid-19 after being vaccinated and boosted and then write about how happy they are to be vaccinated and boosted use to other product failures, a cheat sheet for whomever takes over Jen Psaki's position once she cashes in by becoming a cable tv news pundit, and backup plans for The Cleveland Browns after the Deshaun Watson thing blows up in their faces.  Half the stuff is free, so just sign up and don't pay anything and get it in your email as it's published (you're welcome to pay, of course, as well, especially if you want to read it all--that makes it more likely I'll keep doing it).  The Stack is here:

And here's some bonus Yeast? to listen to while you check it out by opening a link to the Stack in a new tab:

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