Tuesday, May 24, 2022

New Recording!: "Why Honey Sings"

"Why Honey Sings" was one of the early Wred Fright solo songs when I was releasing a song a month on the Internet.  It and "The Calling" are the only ones I still play.  Even though it was written first, it can be viewed as a companion piece to "Hey, Honey!" with that song being the before or happy stage of a relationship and "Why Honey Sings" being the after or unhappy stage of a relationship.  For this rerecording, I sang and played the usual guitar, keyboard bass, and drums.  My son wanted to play tin whistle on it, but plain tin whistle didn't fit the song, so I played with it and made it a nifty sort of subway train screech.  This is yet another track from the What's Your Flow Setting, Baby? album.  Thanks to The Tinnitist for adding last week's single, "Sheridan Market", to his playlist:  https://tinnitist.com/2022/05/17/tuesday-mixtape-101-songs-to-refill-your-cup-side-2/.  

If you want to hear more music, then listen to the first Yeast? 7"!

And speaking of Yeast? . . .

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