Tuesday, May 10, 2022

New Recording!: "Hey, Honey!"

This song was originally called "Hey, Holly", but the woman I was dating annoyed me, and I changed the title, fortunately avoiding the songwriting equivalent of having an ex-spouse's name tattooed on oneself.  It's a happy song aside from the terrorists bombing a bus in the first stanza.  I recorded an earlier demo version that you can hear here:  https://soundcloud.com/wredfright/hey-honey?utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing.  For this version, I put some accordion on the choruses and looped a bit of the demo version throughout the entire song.  I also played with the drums presets on the keyboard, so the percussion sounds like a mix of Big Black and 1980s Def Jam hip-hop.  Otherwise, it's the usual guitar, vocals, and keyboard as bass.  There might be some live drums on the recording as well, but I don't think so.  This is yet another track from the What's Your Flow Setting, Baby? album.  Thanks to my buddy Loren for playing the previous single, "The Calling", on the radio:  https://www.facebook.com/wqudfreewheelin

If you want to hear more music, then listen to the first Yeast? 7"!

And here's some bonus Yeast? for you:

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