Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Edna's Employment Agency Audiobook!


Google introduced a new feature where their A.I.s can create an audiobook.  I decided to experiment with it by having them take a run at Edna's Employment Agency.  I thought it came out pretty well.  It sounds better than the robotic-sounding traditional text to speech apps that can turn ebooks into audiobooks--their availability is why I never pursued a complete audiobook version of one of the novels before--, but it still doesn't grasp all the nuances the way a human reader would.  Google had a variety of voices available, but I went with Mia.  Some of the other voices were more amusing, but I thought they would be grating on a listener over the course of a novel, so I went with the more neutral, pleasant-sounding voice.  The link to the audiobook is here:  You can even listen to a sample of Mia reading the hype copy text there.  I'm not planning on doing another novel this way because for those who need or prefer an audiobook, generally, the text to speech apps will do you just fine, but if you like the Google Play audiobook A.I. style, then please let me know, and I can do another novel for you that way.  And, if you want a real reader, and you buy a book, then I am not averse to recording a whole dang novel for you.  Releasing an audiobook would be new territory for me, but I'm sure I could figure it out as it's probably easier that recording music.  Just get in touch (and if you can't figure out how, then you're probably a bot yourself).

And speaking of audio, here's some bonus Yeast?!:

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