Monday, November 12, 2012

Veterans Day Is M.I.A.

Today was the observance of Veterans Day.  You might not have noticed yourself since you likely had to work.  Maybe you noticed when you came home and found that there had been no mail and the garbage hadn't been picked up or something.  I really wish these government holidays would get more respect (and what they celebrate such as veterans would get a bit more respect as well).  More businesses should close on these days, and their employees should have the day off.  Americans (those that have a job anyway) work far too much as it is.  I certainly hope businesses with veterans on the payroll gave the veterans the day off.  People can blab about the economic cost of a holiday and admittedly it's a drag when one has to go to the post office and it's closed on a Monday or whatnot, but the psychic cost of a non-holiday holiday matters more to me (and here I mean the official government sanctioned holidays, not Feed Squirrels Leftover Zingers Day* or whatever).  After all, what good is a national holiday that's basically the same as any other day to most of the country's population?

*Not yet a real holiday.


  1. I concur. My wife and I had today off (she works at a university and I work for a bank), but my kids had school. Even stranger, my girls had a Veteran's Day assembly...last Friday, but nothing today.

  2. Glad to hear that it wasn't just my grumpiness at having to work that day that made me think that way!


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