Thursday, November 1, 2012

Palookaville 12: Abraham Makes Dinner!

In this issue, Abraham, the retired businessman narrating the story, talks about the art of salesmanship.  He also makes dinner.  This is obviously not the world's most exciting comic, but it's strangely enjoyable.  Here are some more random thoughts about it:

*Abraham's brother collected novelty postcards.  In the comments about the collection, it's hard not to see Seth commenting on comic book collectors:  "It's somewhat odd that a man who was so well read , so knowledgeable, would waste his time on decades old paper sundries."

*This issue ends part one of "Clyde Fans".  I have no idea how many parts there actually are.  I'm not sure that Seth even knows.

*The letters page contains a letter by comic fandom historian Bill Schelly, author of The Golden Age Of Comic Fandom, as well as letters from cartoonists Steven Weissman, Ivan Brunetti, and Ariel Bordeaux.  On the page, Seth announces an art exhibition at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles.  Meltdown's a cool store.  I visited it this summer when I was in L.A.      

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