Friday, November 23, 2012

287,304 People Wasted Their Time

Election results are always fun to comb through.  A number of elections in my Ohio county, Cuyahoga, were fairly pointless since only one candidate was running (yes, slowly, my little county seems to be turning into the Soviet Union, which also loved to have one candidate elections).  As soon as I see a candidate is running unopposed on my ballot, I skip ahead to the next election since I figure the candidate will vote for herself or himself and win anyway (unless there's a vigorous write-in campaign or something).  The big winner in the race for pointless voting this time around was Frank D. Celebrezze, Jr., whom 287,304 people voted for, though he would have won the judgeship for the 8th District Court of Appeals just by voting for himself.  Why 287,304 people wanted to waste their time coloring in a little oval pointlessly is beyond me.  On the upside, 329,837 people (myself among them) didn't bother to vote for him, so there's hope for democracy after all!  I mean really would you want 287,304 people who can't do math making decisions for you?*

*Actually, only 287,303 people wasted their time, assuming Celebrezze, Jr. voted for himself.  Getting oneself a job by coloring an oval is an incredibly good use of time!

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