Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cyber Monday Hangover

If the orgy of consumerism over the past few days hasn't made you head out to the hills and attempt to live off the grid, then perhaps I can interest you in a fine book, which would make a great gift.  If you have a stocking to stuff, then try The Pornographic Flabbergasted Emus.  Its red cover will go well with all the holiday decorations.  If you leave it out with milk and cookies for Santa, then he will not only get a chuckle, but it will match his suit.  However, if you are getting someone one of those fancy Kindle thingies*, then go with Blog Love Omega Glee to load onto it.  For only $5, you get 849 pages of fun plus the apocalypse.  Books make great gifts, especially mine!

*Nook folks and those who use other ereaders need not despair.  I've just been busy blogging everyday so I haven't had time to upload the thing to Smashwords or wherever**.   Just PayPal me $5 at wredfright AT AT AT Yahoo DOTTTTT Com (I'm sure you can figure out the actual address, though I hope spammer bots can't) and I'll send you the .epub via email.

**I've been enjoying blogging every day but I suspect I can't keep up this pace forever.  The more books I sell though, the longer I will endeavor to deliver my daily post.

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