Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Mike Dee And I Make A Dirty Puppy

I used to play with my pal Mike Dee in a band called The GoGoBots.  The 'Bots broke up in 1999 or so because it seemed fitting to bow out with the rest of the 20th Century (actually, our drummer moved away and we didn't want to carry on without him).  We've certainly kept in touch and done some creative projects together over the years (for example, Mike supplied the cover art for the zine version of The Pornographic Flabbergasted Emus), but I don't think we've done any sound recording together since then (we have played live a couple of times in various projects).

Until now.

Oh, my!  Control your excitement, but I slapped some vocals (emphasis on the slap, I conjured my inner Bessie Smith and recorded the vocals in like an hour after I first heard the track) on an iPhone sound recording of Mike's new band, Hell-O (though on the MP3 linked below, I credit the band as Mike Dee & The Dogs, for reasons that will shortly be clear).  Mike sent me the file via email and told me it was called "Dirty Puppy".  I think he just wanted me to hear his new band, but I was in a recording frenzy at that time (during this summer) and I decided to contribute to the recording and send it back to him.

Remarkably, he still talks to me.  He's even graciously let me share this track with you.

Please check out "Dirty Puppy" (MP3 2.7MB).

Then give your ears a shower.

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