Saturday, November 17, 2012

R.I.P. Zingers

Like many Americans, upon hearing the news that Hostess was going out of business, I picked up one of its products since it possibly was the last time I could do so.  In my case, it was Zingers, and particularly the raspberry coconut kind.  When I pulled allnighters in college, there often came the moment when I ran out of energy and sheer willpower would not keep me up any longer.  When that happened, I would tread down to the vending machines in the dorm and refuel with Zingers and Mountain Dew.  In retrospect, I probably should have just bought a package of sugar at the supermarket and cut out the middlemen, but the combination of cream and citrus mixed with the sugar powered me into daylight.  I don't often eat Zingers anymore, maybe just once a year out of nostalgia, but I will be saddened if they disappeared from the marketplace entirely.  It's too bad the company couldn't work something out, but that's life.  I suspect that some of Hostess's well-known brands will be bought by other companies as Hostess goes through bankruptcy proceedings, so perhaps Zingers will be available again.  If not, I will enjoy eating this last pack.

And then probably stay up all night.

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