Wednesday, November 14, 2012

"Assembled in the Margins"

I was pleased to discover myself quoted recently in a capsule history of zines called "Assembled In The Margins:  The History And Culture Of Zines" (link goes to a  283 KB pdf).  It is part of a special issue devoted to zines by YA Hotline, a publication by Dalhousie University in Canada which focuses on young adult library matters.  It's always gratifying to see one's research being useful to others.  The writers, Amanda Bird and a few others, cite my dissertation (link goes to a 623 KB pdf), which is good.  Sometimes, people still cite my master's thesis, which was also on zines.  That's fine if one is interested in psychological motivations related to zine culture, but the history and analysis of zine culture is better in the dissertation, which I wrote later when I knew even more about the subject.  Best of all for understanding zine history and characteristics is the article I wrote on zines a few years later for Books And Beyond, but it's often overlooked because B&B is a reference work usually only found in libraries and not online.  I don't know if I'll ever write another article about zines, but it's possible.  If so, it will likely supersede the others as well, just by virtue of my acquisition of more knowledge about zines at that later date.  Fortunately, many other scholars have gotten interested in zines, so, having said my bit, I may not need to contribute further to the scholarly conversation.

Seeing as how the zine issue of YA Hotline came out in 2008 and I just stumbled upon it now, that might be for the best.

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