Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Yip!*: Dark Side Of The Ring!

It's rare that I watch television.  There is nothing wrong with it per se, though I would rather read in general, perhaps because when one reads one controls the pace as opposed to viewing where the pace is controlled by the medium for the most part.  In addition, television is often aimed at the lowest common denominator to maximize the commercial potential, and those subjects don't often interest me.

The main reason I rarely watch television though are the commercial breaks.  I understand that is how the television producers make their money, and I have no issue with that, but as a viewer, it is annoying to be interested in something and then suddenly it stops and someone's trying to sell me a car or pizza.  So, usually, I'll just be patient and wait for the DVD to collect anything I want to see from tv.  Once in a while though, a program comes along that I watch as it airs (or for cable channels, cables, I suppose, since they aren't using the broadcast transmission method).  This is because I suspect it might not make it to DVD.  Such is the case with Dark Side Of The Ring.

It's an excellent program, a mixture of professional wrestling with true crime documentary, which is because basically it's a true crime documentary about professional wrestling.  No offense to the excellent AEW, but this show is the best wrestling product on tv.  I don't know that it would interest many people who didn't already have an interest in the bizarre sport spectacle of professional wrestling, but for those that do, exploring the often tragic backstories of such events as the Chris Benoit family murder-suicide, Bruiser Brody's murder, and the deaths of the Von Erich brothers is quite fascinating.  So far, two seasons have been produced, and season two is currently airing, er, cabling.  If it keeps being this good, then I will keep watching.

Maybe I will just do push-ups during the commercial breaks.  Sorry car- and pizza-sellers!

*Yips! are good things!  So is my latest novel!

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