Thursday, April 16, 2020

Poem: The Empress Needs A Day Off

Tarot Card Empress has stars in her hair
Strawberries on gown, world at her feet.
Behind her is summer:  sun, trees, stream, wheat.
Scepter is up though as if to beware.

She sits on her heart, and her worries beat.
Ruling is no gentle ride on a mare.
Serene pillows prop her back, and her stare
Takes you in, as you wonder why you meet.

If you could reach her, you would brush her hair,
Shake out those stars, they give off too much heat.
Not yet winter, so why so bittersweet?
Fall beckons, and over may be the fair,

A throne is not a comfortable seat,
Life is hard to read, harder to repair,
Still, toss the crown, run through wheat without care,
And find stars in the sky, the night a treat.

I found this old poem (2011?) in a folder.  I checked, and it had never been published anywhere, so I'm posting it here.  If you want more of my writing, then check out my latest novel here!  A reader just told me today that it made her laugh out loud regularly.  Yes, it's a comedy, so that's a good thing . . .

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