Sunday, April 19, 2020

drinkdrankdrunk Returns!

A couple of decades ago, I did a zine called drinkdrankdrunk.  It was a lot of fun.  I published 3 print issues, then did a fourth and final issue online.  A few years after that, I coedited a blog called Underground Literary Adventures for the Underground Literary Alliance.
It was also a lot of fun, and, as with drinkdrankdrunk, I got to publish a lot of great authors.  In fact, you can check that blog out here.  I have published a few authors on this blog now and then over the years, but I'd like to make it a more regular feature.  I've had trouble finding some good reading on the Web lately.  The Web used to be the world's greatest newsstand, but now it seems to be suffering from everything from paywalls to clickbait. 

In short, I need something to better to read online, so it looks like I am going to have to do it myself.  Therefore, I'm bringing back the drinkdrankdrunk name for the category of blog posts featuring other authors.  In spirit, it will be a lot like the old Underground Literary Adventures blog.  In fact, I might even be running some stuff from old ULAers.  Right now, I have some stuff scheduled from Food Fortunata of Sockeye (I like his low budget surrealism) and a mysterious person known as The Midnight Rider.  I am also hoping to get some stuff from The Derz, Christopher Johnston, and a few others in the coming weeks.  I hope to make this a regular feature of the blog and provide some good reading for other readers who also find most of the current crop of online literary magazines and zines a snore.  Right now, I'm pretty much down to reading New Pop Lit for my lit fix.  Nobody else seems to be bringing it.  Even The Red Fez has been boring lately; with luck, they'll snap out of their slump.

If you need something to read at the moment and can't wait for drinkdrankdrunk to return, then check out my latest novel here!

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