Friday, May 7, 2021

New Recording!: "Generic Smokes"

This is another of the songs on the first Yeast? 7". It's about a bored teenager who is thinking about killing herself one minute and then what color she should paint her nails the next (really, it should be a woman singing it, but you get stuck with me). Being only two chords, it's a lot of fun to play. For this version, I jammed out a little bit at the end, so if you want the garage rock version, then stop listening in the middle when the singing stops. I recorded an even longer version, but it started heading into Led Zeppelin The Song Remains The Same territory, and I had to pull the plug on that.  This version is a nice compromise between the short, tight version that ends when the lyrics do, and the crazy jamout the song can become.  I Vince Neiled it and doubletracked the vocals (apparently, the Motley Crue recordings were actually collages of dozens of takes, taking the best from each; fortunately, I didn't get that crazy).  For the weird instrument, I was going to use a tin whistle, but it didn't sound good, so I utilized it as a percussion instrument instead (it's that trebly metal sound); I don't recommend that as the whistle is now considerably bent, but it did make for a nice percussion sound.  

To hear the original version of "Generic Smokes", get the Dick Bennett ep.

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