Tuesday, April 27, 2021

"Johnson Wants To Rant" Video!

Since the song is on the first Yeast? 7", I put the record in the video.   There is something hypnotic about a record spinning.  That record is on clear vinyl, so it looks especially cool in motion.  I followed the lyrics a bit as usual, but when the dancing Easter Bunny decoration is out on display I could not resist including it for a fun visual.  It's a little early for a summer beer, but I bought a six-pack of Red Stripe anyway, so that pale lager has to substitute for a pale ale in the video.  The shiny circle is actually the moon.  It looked cool that night, and with a cheap camcorder, everything gets impressionistic.  The chase scene is my son and I playing tag.  His new Hot Wheels track also makes a guest appearance.  Again, I can't resist a good visual.  My hands also make a couple of appearances here, but, no, I am not crafting a demo reel for being a hand model (feel free to send any hand modeling offers my way though).  The midget squirrel (I don't know if a squirrel and chipmunk mated or what happened) makes an appearance for the visual (he lives in a tree in my backyard); he's pretty cute.  The plants are this year's garden starting inside as babies.  Ending with the snow scene is just me making use of the overshot unused footage from the "Firm, The" video.  It was a cool shot, so I used it here.

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