Friday, May 14, 2021

"Generic Smokes" Video!


Rather than just follow the lyrics with images (though you can find that here as well, albeit more disjointed than usual), I turned the video into a silent film/story.  It can be read at the surface level as a tale of teen angst, much like the song, or as a satire of such, unlike the song.  I don't smoke, but, fortunately, my buddy John was nice enough to let me film his cigarettes.  The cheap camcorder I usually use for the videos is on the fritz, so this video is more lo-fi and freaky than usual.  I guess I'll keep using it until it breaks completely, but it could make for some strange videos coming up.  I always find it amusing what YouTube picks for the thumbnail pictures, and this time it looks like my Lamb's Ear made the cut (they are really soft--strange to have a furry plant). 

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