Wednesday, May 19, 2021

New Recording!: "Big Daddy Pane"

Another one of the songs on the first Yeast? gets rerecorded here.  I like the pipe organ sound on my vintage Yamaha keyboard, so I used that here.  I have told the story behind the song before, so I won't recap it here.  It's a fun song to play, maybe more fun than a song about male anal rape in prison should be.  I had to buy a pair of wireless gaming headphones for a gig I had (they overcharged for them, which was typical of that crazy place), and they have become useful during recording, which makes me less bitter about the employer price-gouging (on a sidenote, if your employer tries to offload the cost of your work materials on you, just try to find another job).  I kind of like the microphone sound on them as well, but I didn't use that mic here.  The drums get overloaded at times here, but I like the sound of them.  This is more tuneful than a lot of my songs.  It's fun to hum and whistle.

To hear the original version of "Big Daddy Pane", get the Dick Bennett ep.

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