Monday, February 17, 2020

Team Fright - "Mary Black Mary Black Mary Black"

I wrote this song while I was in The GoGoBots, but Team Fright might have played it best. Our pals The Balomai Brothers liked it so much that they sampled it for one of their records, which was really cool (I miss those guys--they were a fun band!). Anyway, I really like what Ray does on the guitar here. It was nice to have this as my last band--they were really good--and it is fitting to wrap up the VHS project with them. The song itself is about the game teenagers play where they dare one another to go into a darkened bathroom and say the local witch's name three times in the mirror. According to the legend, she will then come out and scratch your face (more likely, you bump into something in the dark). For the song, I used the name of the local New Castle, Pennsylvania USA legend. The song goes on to comment on how the men in power were often afraid of a powerful woman who didn't need a man, giving rise to those witch rumors and resentments in the first place. I don't remember much about The Tower Of Treason. It was one of those DIY places that spring up for a year or two and then disappear. It was pretty cool and on the West Side from what I remember. I really like the "WE Heart Love" graffiti in the background. Our pal Zartan made the video, so big thanks to him! It looks like I am wearing a Spider-Man t-shirt here. Fashionplates, the band was not. This is the penultimate video from my VHS stack. We have one more, also from this show, and we are finally done with this project! Hooray!

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