Monday, February 24, 2020

Mark Justice On Edna's Employment Agency

My pal Mark Justice, an author himself, was kind enough to read a prerelease version of my new novel, Edna's Employment Agency, and, fortunately, liked it enough to say this about it: 

 "Wred Fright does it again. His almost-all-dialogue treatise on employment agencies comes fast and furious, or maybe furiously fast. Either way, it sets into motion manic episodes of grand proportions, a whirlwind of oftentimes zany characters who Fright gives gravitas to by intermingling snippets of their lives that read like some stream-of-consciousness-infused Winesburg, Ohio, and a tale that stomps the fringes of absurdity like a cowpoke riding a mad bull.

The kooky cast of Edna’s Employment Agency will almost make you wish you were out of a job just so you could have them find one for you."

Mark is the author of Gauge Black: Hell's Revenge and 'Twas The Week Before Christmas, both excellent reads!

Edna's will be out soon on the website!  Thanks for the kind words, Mark!  I like Sherwood Anderson's work, so I especially dig the Winesburg, Ohio mention!

While you are waiting for Edna's, catch up on my previous novel, Frequently Asked Questions About Being Dead!

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