Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Join The Wred Fright Email List!

If you are not on my email list already (you can find it here:, then please feel free to join.  It's free, and, usually, seldom used, so those of you who get too many emails won't have to worry about getting many more if you join.  It might be a bit more lively this year since I have a new novel coming out.  In fact, the people on the list will be the first ones who can buy the novel as I slowly roll it out.  Eventually, it will be on the usual suspects such as Amazon, Smashwords, Google Books, and so on, but its first stop is the email list, followed shortly by this blog.  So, if you want to read Edna's Employment Agency before almost anyone else, then join the list.  In the meantime, here's the cover.
And, if you haven't read my last novel, it is available here.

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