Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Kids Are All Right

It's rare I pick up a zine these days (reading thousands of them will do that to you), but I spotted one at the CD/Game Exchange in Cleveland Heights, Ohio USA that intrigued me enough to pick it up.  Perhaps it was the garish orange paper or the catchy title ("Floyd Is Dead") or the price (free), but I actually read this one, and it was a fun read.  It seems to be produced by a high school student into punk rock (Sam).  It has record reviews in it, a story about putting a hole in a household wall, a concert review, a story about visiting Los Angeles, and an article about a rare underground film called Him in which the main character is sexually obsessed with Jesus Christ.  All in all, there wasn't much to the zine, but it was still rather charming.  It's nice to see that young people in the age of Facebook and blogs still find the zine medium appealing.  From the mentions of Cometbus inside, I suspect that venerable zine is what might have inspired Sam to produce his own.  Or maybe the classics never go completely out of fashion.  If you're interested, then give him a holler at floydisdead (ATATAT) aol (DOTT) com.

Happy International Zine Month!


  1. It was my wall that was punched through actually haha (I'm Joey, also known as "Fuckface" in subsequent issues of the zine) and I'm caught completely off-guard by the fact that somebody actually read this.


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