Friday, July 6, 2012

Indian Fever! Be A Believer!

While some people sing in the shower, I listen to the radio while I shave, specifically a battery-operated Snoopy and Woodstock transistor radio that I somehow ended up with, which, lacking any other use for it, ended up in the bathroom.  Usually I listen to WJCU, a good local college radio station.  This is mainly because:  a)  it's the first station that comes up when the radio is turned on since the radio starts at the bottom of the dial, or, for you Replacements fans out there, the "Left of the Dial" (it's a cheapo radio--one pushes a scan button to change the station and that's the only way to change the station) and b) the automated system on at the hour I'm shaving seems to often play classic college radio nuggets by artists such as XTC and Elvis Costello then, which reminds me of my own college radio days in the 1980s, thus I have little incentive to press the scan button.

Lately though, I turn the radio on and get some sort of CIA-devised psychological torture.  The radio plays "Indian Fever", a song from the 1980s or something that promoted the Cleveland Indians baseball team; "Come On Cavs" a funky 1970s song promoting the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team; and "My Town" by Michael Stanley Band, an ode to Cleveland, Ohio USA by the town's Bruce Springsteenesque meat and potatoes 1970s/1980s bar band.

And nothing else.

It's just those three songs again and again and again.

One day it was nothing but "Indian Fever".

Now the songs are charming in and of themselves.  But they don't stand up to repeated listening.

They do stand up to getting in your head all day though, and I have enough problems as is that I don't also need to be walking around mumbling "Indian fever!  Be a believer!" and frightening passerbys.

Apparently what's going on is the launch of a new Cleveland radio station, which is still getting its act together so they're passing the time broadcasting these three songs.

When they branch out, I might continue to tune in.  Until then, I'll be hitting the scan button to get to WJCU.

I don't want to come down with "Indian Fever".

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