Friday, July 20, 2012

Blog Love Omega Glee Now Available For The Kindle!

My novel Blog Love Omega Glee is now available for the Kindle.  You don't need an actual Kindle either, as the Kindle app should work for you to read it on a computer, a cell phone, or a tablet.  Right now, Amazon's selling the book for $5, and it's free to borrow if you're an Amazon Prime member since it's part of the Kindle Direct Publishing Select program (at least for the next ninety days), which is a pretty good deal for a mammoth novel (230,000 words or so).

To have the book included in KDP Select, I had to pull the pay what you want .epub and .pdf versions of the novel (as well as the serialized blog version).  Publishing the novel that way was a fun experiment, and the novel got around a bit.  I was happy to see that readers liked it (for example, someone named Amy rated it four stars out of five and wrote "Quite refreshing to read something different, honestly. Best read in small bites, like a blog. Great read for an election year." on GoodReads).  However, most readers seem to be conditioned to buy through bookstores rather than directly from authors.  Coming out of the zine community, I'm used to the opposite, but if I want readers, then I have to go to where they are, and where they are is Amazon.Com.

So, previously, anyone who wanted to read the novel on the Kindle was stuck with the pdf version (which wasn't ideally suited to the device) or had to pay Amazon a tiny fee to convert the file from the .epub format.  I revamped the .epub file to make it better suited for Kindle, and, from the previews I've seen, the conversion to the Kindle format went fine.  For the next ninety days, the novel is only available from Amazon.  If you're a Nook owner or whatnot, then please let me know.  If I hear from enough of you, then I'll drop the exclusive deal and make the novel available through more ebookstores.  So far, Amazon's been pretty nice to work with though.  Check out my little author page.

I still have no plans to publish the book in print, but if you're a publisher and want to make an offer, then get in touch.  If you're a reviewer and want a review copy of the novel, then please get in touch as well.  And, if you're a reader, then have I got a novel for you!  Step right up!

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