Saturday, June 23, 2012

Telling Stories: A Documentary By The Orphans Of Kakamega

My pal Scott Rudge has a new film project he's working on called Telling Stories:  A Documentary By The Orphans Of Kakamega.  He's raising money for it on Faithfunder, which appears to be a Christian version of Kickstarter.  He's the kind of guy who lives his faith rather than talk about it.  In addition to organizing the fun Genghis Con comics and zine convention, he'll also sell you some comic books if you're in Lorain County, Ohio USA (as you can tell from the pictures on Facebook, he also likes to dress up as The Flash and a Mexican wrestler).  If you have some spare bucks (unlikely in the Great Recession, I know--on the other hand though, I saw many people chugging ten dollar lawnmower beers* at the Radiohead concert recently, so clearly some disposable income is floating around), then you could do worse with it than helping Scott get to Kenya to help some orphans make a movie.

*Lawnmower Beer, according to Ryan Kearney, is the type of cheap American lager such as Bud or Miller that you can drink all day while mowing the lawn and never get drunk enough to cut your foot off.

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