Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Apologies To The Tigers Of Indonesia

I was once asked if I bought my toilet paper from military overstock from the Guantanamo Bay torture restrooms.

And while this is a vicious and untrue rumor, I must admit that yes, I don't spend a lot of money on products designed to be scrubbed with fecal matter and then thrown away.

The same goes for paper towels.  Thus, I was delighted to become acquainted with Paseo at the local Marc's.

Unfortunately, about a week later, my mom pointed out that the World Wildlife Fund was boycotting Paseo since they were made from paper from a rain forest in Indonesia that was a habitat for an endangered species of tiger and other creatures.  The campaign, Don't Flush Tiger Forests, has been fairly successful in getting grocery chains to drop the brand and in getting the company that produces Paseo, Oasis Brands, to get their paper elsewhere.  "What kind of jerk would put saving money above saving tigers?" Mom asked.

I treated it as a rhetorical question and didn't answer.

Nevertheless, I have eight rolls of tiger guilt in my cupboard.  I suppose I could return them to Marc's.  "I don't want to kill tigers," probably wouldn't be the strangest reason the customer service desk ever heard for a return.  That still seems like passing the buck though.  The paper's made already.  I might as well use it.  I just won't buy Paseo again (I probably can't--it looks as if Oasis is just going to phase out that name).  So, my apologies to the tigers of Indonesia.  It's nothing personal.  I'm just cheap.

Please don't eat me.   

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  1. Hi, I've heard about the tigers, too. It's really sad. There are only baout 400 of that species in the wild, thanks to Paseo and their stupid products. That's really nice of you to apologize. Most people would just buy the product anyway. So, thank you, alot.


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