Friday, June 29, 2012

Dollar Cat Days

Well, we might be approaching the dog days of summer rapidly where not only will you sweat so much that you want to bark, but also you can get a dollar hot dog at the ballpark occasionally, but the Cleveland, Ohio USA Animal Protective League is holding dollar cat days instead.  That's right, you get a kitty for a dollar!  I got my cat at the APL.  I picked her because she stuck her paw out of the cage and grabbed my attention.  Here's a picture of her the first day I got her:
She's about twice this size now, but bourgeois cat life, instead of digging from garbage cans on the street, will do that.  Spending a dollar on a cat is a good deal.  The cat will pay dividends in covering your every piece of clothing with cat hair, purring, leaving deposits in the litter box for you to clean every day, meowing, constantly standing on whatever you're working on, lapwarming, scratching up your furniture, and, of course, loving.  In fact, here she comes now to remind me that her food dish is empty.  That dollar you'll spend at the APL will be the first of many!  However, what you get back is priceless!  Some people think that cats are aloof, so maybe it depends on the cat, but it's hard for me to imagine a better buddy than my Antigone.*

*OK, maybe one that doesn't chow down her food so fast that she pukes a minute later.**

**Fortunately, she eats it all again, so I don't have to clean it up.***

***Until she pukes again.


  1. I take care of a homeless cat that looks exactly like her. Same self-satisfied expression, too! :D

  2. Perhaps that's her sister still on the street, or she's been sneaking out for snacks--that would explain the weight gain.

  3. I live in Elyria, kinda far to go for snacks, lol. But she's welcome to stop by anytime :)


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