Thursday, February 15, 2024

Pat King Interview


Pat King and I did a double interview with one another to finish off the Underground Literary Alliance video series I've been helping him with.  You can check all the videos out below:

#1 Frank Walsh -

#2 Wild Bill Blackolive -

#3 King Karl Wenclas -

#4 Jessica Disobedience/Jessie Lynn McMains - 

#5 Crazy Carl Robinson -

#6 Eric "Jelly Boy The Clown" Broomfield -

#7 Jeff Potter - 

#8 Joe Smith/Joe3 -

#9 Ann Sterzinger -

#10 PS King and Wred Fright - 

What a fun project!  I look forward to seeing what Pat comes up with out of it, whether it is a book, a film, both, or more!  It would have been great to interview more old ULAers, but the new novel I've been working on was complaining about the time away from it already, so I only signed up to do a few interviews, and mainly it was the fun Pat and I had working together on the old Underground Literary Adventures blog that caused me to agree to do those.  Any old ULAers who want in on the fun should get in touch with Pat.  I would enjoy seeing more of these myself!

If you want to read some literature by The Underground Literary Alliance, then please check out The Slush Pile Strikes Back!

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