Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Comic: Big Box Blues

I actually got this speech, almost verbatim (though I updated it from the 1980s), from an older coworker at ye olde KMart.  I think his name was Ron, and he wore cheap suits every day and was very entertaining to myself and the other teenagers who worked there.  I miss Kmart.  The home of the blue light special had more soul than Walmart or any of the other retailers that have replaced it.  It was a nice, fun, fucked-up place to work, you know when coked-out store managers weren't dropping pallet jacks on my toes.  To read the comic, I suggest clicking on the image and making it full screen.  You could also download it after you click on it for the primo view, I suppose.  I've also loaded the panels individually below if you like scrolling down (it works either way).


For more fun (albeit words, not pictures), read one of my novels, such as the latest, Fast Guy Slows Down!

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