Wednesday, February 3, 2021

New Recording: "My Man Frank"!

This song dates from the Yeast? era.  It wasn't on Crisco Disco, but it made an appearance on the first full-band cassette (not counting the little demo we made to get gigs at The Penguin Pub and stuff), Party At Kitty & Stud's.  Then the song kind of disappeared until The Joslyns dug it out of the closet, and it's hung around ever since.  It's a fun song to play.  Written in 1992, the lyrics reference being the president's kid, which would have been George W. Bush, which made it odd in 2004 or so to be then singing about his kids (Of all the people in America, did we really have to have two Bushes as president?  Say what you will about Donald Trump, but at least he saved us from the horror that would have been a Jeb Bush presidency).  Most of the song comes from watching H. Ross Perot run for president and his worrying about the deficit and national debt.  That's certainly where the subchorus comes from ("I didn't throw the party.  I just clean the room").  Though old Perot never got to be president, he certainly laid the seeds, for better or worse, mostly worse, for the political rise of Donald Trump with his failed Reform Party politics (in fact, Trump first ran for president as a Reform Party candidate).  The chorus just comes from being amused when drunk people would tell me how much they liked me but think my name was Frank.  All this silliness eventually coalesced into the song, though it does make some serious points such as the strangeness of working class people voting to give rich people tax cuts and for the rich people to be able to more freely loot the public treasury (a major factor in the rise of the aforementioned Trump).  For this recording, I got to try out recording on a new computer.  After working out some latency issues, I managed to get a recording I am fairly happy with.  I assume future recordings will be easier having worked some of the bugs out here.  As usual lately, I got a bit drum happy, so what should be a garage rocker goes slightly techno mental.  The weird instrument this time is a chess set that folds in half (the pieces sound great when you shake them).

To hear more music from this era, check out the first Yeast? 7", not reissued, just never sold!

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