Tuesday, February 9, 2021

"My Man Frank" Video!

Once again, I tried to follow the lyrics in this video, but, you know, it was winter, so I skipped the whole "lie naked with me outside" line. Some of the juxtaposed images were amusing such as the similarity between the Reagan speech crowd and the Capitol Mob. I also skipped most music shots because a lot of those videos are kind of boring. I went for interesting images to complement the music. If some music shots fit well, then I would have used them, but a one man band isn't exactly the most exciting things visually, though I did think about showing the chess game shaking. I filmed (videoed?) a lot of this video outside, which explain why the camera at times has water spots on it from the rain/snow mixture at the time. I don't know what the cops were doing (I tend to avoid anyone walking around with guns), but there were a few of them milling around the shopping area I was in. I tried to mix in the depressing economic scenes that matched the song lyrics, so there's a bit of retail apocalypse mixed in here (even Game Stop, despite the stock surge, will be unlikely to survive as video games go more and more purely online). I don't know whose grocery list that was, but, never fear, I made sure to recycle it after it got abandoned in my shopping cart. Alas, I did not buy the items on the list though (it looks like they had a fun night, however!). As usual, I had fun making this video (if I didn't, I suppose I would stop making them).

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