Sunday, February 21, 2021

"Firm, The" Video!

This song is so short, I shot way too much footage for it.  Oh, well, I guess I can always use the unused footage somewhere else.  While it would have been awesome to just use a trailer for The Firm movie for the video, I doubt whatever media behemoth (what are there, 5 left out of the original 50 or so Ben Bagdikian warned about in the first edition of The Media Monopoly?) owns it would have gone for that, so I had to settle for some fair use clips.  I tried to make the connections between the verses obvious with the old military recruiting ads used on a couple of the choruses.  I also threw in a couple of shots of the Yeast? cassette that has the original recording of the song.  Other than that, I went for a creepy mode like the graveyard shot for the character of the book, movie, and song who feels persecuted.  The video gives the stupid song a bit more depth than it has on its own oddly enough.  As usual, I had fun making this video (if I didn't, I suppose I would stop making them).

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