Monday, July 29, 2019

The Joslyns - "Rusty Space Station"

At the beginning of this video, you can hear some of "My Turn", one of the last songs the band did. I quite liked it; it's unfortunate the band didn't keep going. It would have been fun to see how we further developed as a unit. I particularly like the group vocals at the very end of the song. Most of this video though is of my favorite song we did: "Rusty Space Station". Ryan wrote most of this if I remember correctly. I probably just added my guitar parts, which for this number were nice and spooky given the romantic if desolate subject matter. Does metal rust in space? Well, it depends and is certainly a matter of debate. For this song, we'll just chalk it up to poetic license and enjoy the music. We were playing with two of our favorite local bands of that period: The Twilight and The Atomic Crash. One of The Twilight guys died shortly after this show, which is why Ryan ended up joining them later on. It was some sort of tragic accident. We were all sort of shocked by it since we had just met Matt (if my memory serves correctly), and he seemed like a cool dude whom we were looking forward to getting to know better. Sadly, that didn't happen. I don't know what became of the other guys in that band. They had some sort of breakup that ended up with only Tony, the singer, remaining, and basically a new band, including Ryan, accompanying him. Tony still plays today in a Beatles cover band from what I heard. Derek from The Atomic Crash also still plays. I did a couple of open mics with him a couple of years back. I don't know what became of the other members. Both bands were fun to play shows with. So, I guess if you have a local band you like, then go see them while you can because they generally don't last too long. None of the acts on this bill exist today certainly. All we have is this grimy video and the memories if you were there live. The squealy guitar parts I did using a beer bottle (at least that's what it looks like; I can't tell for sure, and I don't remember exactly). That trick is always fun to break out if a song fits it. During the part where the band starts rocking out, I always visualize the space station falling back to Earth, which Ray, our bass player, provided an interpretive dance version of by invading the audience space. Well, this is the last Joslyns video, and I think I only had the one tape. If I find any other cool performances though as I go through the remainder of the VHS tapes, then I will post them here.

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