Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The Escaped Fetal Pigs - "The Cult Of Pogo And Porky Pine"

This is from the tv show Musical Mayhem. Jimmie Frederick taped the show at The Good Tymes Pub in Bowling Green, Ohio USA in the Fall of 1991. This song was fun to play live as we liked to do the Sid Vicious pogo dance during it. It's not named for that though. It's based on Walt Kelly's Pogo comic strip. The narrative of the song involves a bunch of people who find some old Pogo books and base a religion on them.

Hey, there are worse religions!

In this version, the band plays their standard roles. We also would do a version where Simon (the drummer) would sing, Mark (the guitarist) would play drums, Jim (the bassist) would play guitar, and I (the singer) would play bass. Maybe someday I'll find a video of that. In the meantime, there is this.

More Pigs are coming for the next few months. I have already found another videotape with more good Pigs stuff on it. I also have the Pogeybait portion of Musical Mayhem coming. Party like it is 1991!

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