Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Jay Koivu Zine Prophet

I was reading an old issue of Mr. Peebody's Soiled Trousers And Other Delights and came across an eerie line.  Published by Jay Koivu, Peebody's was a fun perzine that usually was in the form of daily journal entries.  This issue documented Jay's life as he had moved once again to Los Angeles in 2001.  The issue was published in May 2001 or so.  In the entry dated April 14, Jay writes, "Why do I feel like something really bad is gonna happen before this year is over?"

Now, something really bad happens every day to somebody, or many somebodies, and Jay's thought is a very openended and general statement, but given that this issue was published in early 2001, a few months before September 11th, it's still eerie to read.  I probably last read this issue shortly after it came out and didn't much note that line.  Rereading the zine, and that line, in 2015, knowing what was coming later in 2001 made for a creepy experience.

Maybe Jay should become a tarot reader or something.  On at least one occasion, his feeling about the future was on target.

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