Thursday, July 2, 2015

Red Stripe, The Taste Of Latrobe

Every summer, I get a hankering for some reggae and Red Stripe.  I was puzzled to discover with my latest purchase of the beer that, though long associated with Jamaica, the Red Stripe for sale in the USA appears to no longer be brewed there (though Canadians and some others can still get the Jamaican stuff straight from the source).  In fact, Red Stripe appears to be now from Latrobe, Pennsylvania USA.  I visited that brewery when Rolling Rock was made there.  So the glass lined tanks of old Latrobe now are filled with Red Stripe.  It would be fitting if Rolling Rock were made in Jamaica, but it is now made in New Jersey.  The beer industry must have its reasons for what it does, but it is all a bit puzzling to me.  From now on, when I reach for a Red Stripe, I guess I will listen to Donnie Iris instead of Bob Marley.

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