Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Witch Kraft

The second Flaming Toasters track is a song called "Witch Kraft".  It's inspired by the same events that inspired parts of the first couple of chapters of The Pornographic Flabbergasted Emus.  I titled it "Witch Kraft" because the witch was very fond of boxed macaroni and cheese (in Canada, the Kraft version of which is just called Kraft Dinner for some strange reason).  Her status as a witch was also quite cheesy.  If she was a Wiccan, then she wasn't too interested in nature.  Basically, she sat around the house a group of us college students shared and did nothing but watch cable television all day in a bathrobe that got dirtier each day.  If she was into more occult stuff, then I'm not quite sure what spells she was casting, but they weren't quite working for she seemed quite bored and depressed most of the time.  After not paying the rent for a couple of months and eating our food (especially mac and cheese), she dropped out of college to move to Germany to marry some guy in the American army.  Some of the lyrics are things verbatim that she said.  Not quite a muse, she was still entertaining enough of a character to inspire some art.  However, this song never really made it past The Flaming Toasters, who were the only ones to ever play and record it.  I liked it well enough, but I soon wrote better ones, so it got left unplayed.  On this track, I don't know who's doing the cheesy witch voices (these parts aren't quotes from the real witch, just some silliness).  It might be me or Daiv.  I don't think it's Jeff, but who knows?  Not me.  And, as usual, it has the Toasters quality of not knowing exactly when to end 

I've enjoyed going through these old cassettes.  I encourage others to dig out the recordings of their old bands and digitize some of the better moments for us to enjoy in this internet age.

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