Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Assault Rifles And Cheap Beer

The third and final track by The Flaming Toasters is "Assault Rifles And Cheap Beer".  Daiv played guitar on it.  He was a lot better guitarist than I was at the time and probably still is.  I played bass, and Jeff kept the beat.  I'm pretty sure Daiv wrote the music, but this might have been something we worked up while jamming.  The lyrics likely came from me.  It's possible that we passed around a notebook Lenin Spoonful style, but the use of words in the verses such as "George Bush", "New World Order", "sniff", "tush", "defenestration", and "Boone's Farm" makes me think I probably wrote them.  The song's theme seems to be men who like bush in a number of senses such as women, hunting, and beer (Busch) and voted for Bush for president since his name encapsulated all of their favorite things.  It's a little scary that the song is as reflective of America in 2013 as it was in 1991.  Those same folks will probably be voting for Jeb Bush in 2016 for similar reasons.  This is a fun song.  Only The Flaming Toasters ever did it though, unless Daiv or Jeff used it in another band down the road that I didn't know about.  With only a couple exceptions, I tended to stick to songs I completely wrote.  I also probably wouldn't have done the song because of the word "bastards" in the chorus (Daiv maybe had the chorus lyrics already, but not the verses lyrics); though the word is used to denote a bad person, it literally means a child whose parents weren't married.  It's one of those stupid swear words (most are when one thinks of it); how is it the kid's fault what the parents did?  Moving on, I'm pleased that we actually end the song right so apparently we were getting better (just in time to quit as a band--nothing like going out on top).  The laughter at the end of the track is probably from some friends of ours hanging out with us at the time.  Playing in is apparently the closest we ever got to playing out.  The line that encapsulates the Toasters best is Daiv asking at the end of "Candle", "Is there any more beer?"  It was a fun little band where practice was like a party.  It's not too surprising then that we didn't do much else.

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  1. I heard from Jeff, who commented, "I love: 'Our mom and dad is George Bush and I wanna touch your tush.'"


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