Thursday, August 1, 2013

Patching The Gap: From Zines To Ezines

While doing some routine maintenance on the website, I discovered that the .pdf Chip Rowe made a decade or so ago of my dissertation, From Zines To Ezines:  Electronic Publishing And The Literary Underground, had disappeared from Zinebook.Com.  Chip will no doubt rectify matters when he does his routine maintenance, but, in the meantime, I thought I'd patch the gap by posting the .pdf (623 KB) here.  It is up at Scribd, thanks to Jose Angel Abril (who I'm not sure I know, but might have been one of the many zine scholars who's contacted me over the years), but the Scribders seem to want people to log in to read it (I've embedded it below as another way of avoiding the login), so this skips that hassle.  The dissertation was done to help people like this guy, that guy, this other guy, and that other guy, all citations that I haven't encountered before.  I'm glad the thing is still helpful.  So here it is again.

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