Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Election's Over; Pick Up Your Signs

Someone on Route 87 in Geagua County, Ohio really doesn't like Obama.  Whoever it is has had about ten custommade signs up for months now.  The one pictured above is my favorite.  If you thought redbaiting went out with the end of the Cold War, well, the person who made this sign still thinks calling a political opponent "a communist" (or, even further, "a stooge for the Soviet Union", which hasn't existed for twenty years--Obama must be a deep sleeper cell operative, I guess, like those Japanese soldiers still fighting World War II on Pacific islands twenty years after it ended) is effective argumentation.

Other signs proclaim that the "Obama Agenda" is "destroying freedom and liberties" (that one's a bit redundant) and "destroying America and flag" (I'd worry about the country, dude; the flag's just a symbol of it).  The signs are near a Catholic church so the only sign that's likely politically effective is the one that has "Democrats choose Barabbas (Obama). Denied God '3' times", which really doesn't make any sense (I get the Barabbas part which puns on Obama's first name, Barack, and argues that the Dems chose the wrong candidate, but it was Peter who denied Christ 3 times--and why is the 3 in quotation marks?--so the two Biblical references don't really go together very well), but might have swayed someone on the fence into not voting for Obama.  It apparently didn't work very well as Obama still won the majority of the Catholic vote.

The election's been over for over a month now; it's time to pick up the remaining election signs.  Most are gone, but these ones are still up.  Unless the person behind the signs intends to leave them up as a sort of visual primal scream protest against Obama for the next four years, it's probably time to take them down and complain about something else now.

Almost regardless of the message, I do enjoy goofy free speech gestures such as this.  Someone really has to have some passion to do something like this, and, compared to many other political activities, signmaking is relatively harmless.  One of my favorite neighbors as a child was the guy who got so mad at Nixon and so drunk one night that he just painted "Watergate" across the wooden guardrail in front of his house.

Nothing else.  Just "Watergate".  He might have wanted to add more, but perhaps passed out after the first word.  The Watergate guardrail was up, I think, until the 1990s, where it made little sense to the kids, I suppose, (maybe like the "Soviet Union" reference on the anti-Obama sign does for today's kids).  I doubt these signs will last that long, so drivers on 87 should enjoy this spectacle of free speech while they can.  Even if the signmaker doesn't take them down, a couple have fallen down from the weather or whatnot already, and more will, no doubt, follow.

Maybe Mitt Romney would enjoy them as souvenirs.

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