Saturday, December 1, 2012

Countdown To The Apocalypse!

A few years ago, the idea that the end of the world will happen in 2012 started to circulate.  Supposedly, it's a Mayan prophecy (actually, it comes from a couple of hippies getting stoned but that usually doesn't get mentioned).  Now, end of the world myths are always a bit fun, but they can be dangerous when people get a little too carried away with them.

If you're still eating canned food from when the Y2K computer bug was supposed to end civilization, then you've no doubt learned your lesson.

Surprisingly, as the doomsday of 21 December 2012 draws ever nearer, I've heard less and less about it.  I suppose people have found it less charming when it's only a couple of weeks away.  Obviously, I find the whole notion laughable.  I even wrote a whole novel poking fun at it back in 2008.

Who knows though?  If the world doesn't end, then, on the Winter Solstice as a consolation prize, I'll run an article explaining in more detail about where the whole idea came from and how it caught on.

If the world does end, well, then you and I probably have more important things to worry about then this little blog.    

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