Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Trees Are Weird

Lately, whenever I head out, I see somebody driving with a dying tree strapped to the top of their car.  Though we're conditioned in American culture to think this is an entirely normal behavior, in truth, it's really weird if you think about it.  We go out and kill a tree, strap it to an automobile, put it up in our residence, and then a couple of weeks later throw it out.

Millions of people do this every year.  I got my Arbor Day Foundation newsletter and they had an article praising people using real trees instead of fake trees because it helped nursery owners.  And here I thought they liked trees.

Supposedly, Christmas trees became a tradition when people noticed that the other trees lost their leaves yet the evergreens stayed green year round, which in the long cold winter is reminiscent for us of the hope of spring and Christ's triumph over death.

So, of course, nothing says celebration of life like killing something.

I guess I can see having a living tree in the house for a Christmas tree and then planting it in the yard after, and I get that people enjoy killing plants for decorations (see the floral industry), but I don't comprehend where this tree below
would be improved by me capping its growth to the size of my living room ceiling, killing it, dragging it inside, and putting a bunch of plastic crap on it.

I kind of like it the way it is.

Have a cool Yule!  Next year give a tree the gift of life.

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