Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Comic: Marvel Vs. DC

Carol & John's Comic Book Shop in Cleveland, Ohio USA has an annual art show as a fundraiser for the Greater Cleveland Food Bank.  This year's theme is Marvel Vs. DC.  I drew a comic for it.  Unless they hate it when I turn it in (it's not a conventional cover and since they gave me a whole blank comic book to draw, I filled the whole thing up, though only the cover--this comic--will be displayed), it will be displayed at the store along with the other art from December 13-16, then raffled off the night of the 16th.  To read the comic, I suggest clicking on the image and making it full screen.  You could also download it after you click on it for the primo view, I suppose.  I've also loaded the panels individually below if you like scrolling down (it works either way).

For more fun (albeit words, not pictures), read one of my novels, such as the latest, Fast Guy Slows Down!

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