Monday, November 27, 2023

New Single!: Hank Rose And The Rank Hos

I started writing this song over 20 years ago because the transposition in the words amused me, but it never made it further than the chorus.  Set aside for many years, it came to mind while working on a new song and then grew its verses and whatnot and finally arrived.  It's about an unemployed adult film star complete with his casual misogyny and life regrets.  For the music, I employed my kid's keyboard which has a fun cat meow option.  At first, the singing sounded like a Happy Flowers song, but I added in crooning (you can still hear the original singing in the mix though).  Otherwise, it's the usual voice, guitar, keyboard as bass, keyboard and drums.  Lyrics are below:

I wanted to do Shakespeare.
Instead I just did Judy in Apt. 3B.
It wasn't supposed to happen this way,
but I had to pay the bills.
Maybe you can relate.
Always some asshole nipping at our heels.
I can't make a living with my dick anymore.
That's ok; we're all fucked anyway.

Hank Rose and the rank hos.

They have cameras everywhere these days,
but there's nothing worth watching.
When did everyone get so boring?
Everyone's got a stick up their ass.
I bet you do too.
This whole country is a damn death cult.
I read old magazines.  It was a better world.
What happened to the future?

I've got the pornstar blues,
so they make me take the red pills,
but the drugs aren't fun anymore.
I can still get it up, but no one wants to get down.
They want to make love a crime.
I overhear them in the bars.
They just talk shit and don't buy me a drink.

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