Sunday, August 6, 2023

Comic: Joe Biden Garage Sale

I never thought there would be a worst president than George W. Bush (even Trump, the con man, wasn't that bad).  Then along came Joe Biden, who should have been driven from politics back in 1988 for the plagiarism scandal (he not only stole Neil Kinnock's speech; he stole the dude's life story), but thanks to Delaware voters and Barack Obama, this moron is still plaguing us in 2023.  What makes him worse than Bush Jr.?  Well, Bush Jr. made horrible decisions and made life miserable for many people, but seldom messed with me directly.  Biden also makes horrible decisions and makes life miserable for many people, but he messes with me directly with dumb shit like vaccine mandates and making me dig for twenty-year-old receipts.  About the only decent thing his administration has done has been to try to ban noncompete agreements.  They should be doing more stuff like that, but instead that's the atypical bright spot, and the daily reality is stuff like Biden preventing the rail workers going on strike, ignoring their safety concerns, and then a couple of months later, their safety concerns are proved to be all too real when poor East Palestine, Ohio USA becomes a toxic waste dump.  Meanwhile, the corporate/mainstream media is too busy hating on Trump for not starting enough wars to satisfy them or something to ever connect the dots between events like that, and it's left to scruffy cartoonists such as myself to note in little-read blogs (though to be fair American communists did note it as well--maybe they're right wing extremists now, also?).  Anyway, here's another, as Joe Jackson would sing, blow against the evil empire (click on the image to make it bigger):

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