Monday, July 3, 2023

Comic: d.a. levy

I've been rereading my library over the past few years and gradually discarding it, as much as I love it, as I have no interest in maintaining or moving many boxes of books when I'm 80 years old or however far I make it.  Along those lines, I read a couple books by/about d.a. levy.  levy (yes, like e.e. cummings, the lower case is a poetic decision) was a poet from Cleveland, Ohio USA in the 1960s who was active in the small press movement (think zines before photocopiers were common).  He died young, and people still debate today whether his death was a murder or a suicide.  One thing is certain, he and his fellow "beatniks" (as they were viewed before they started calling the youth hippies) were hassled a lot by the cops.  Frank Walsh, a poet from Philadelphia and my buddy from the Underground Literary Alliance, once told me that the ghost of d.a. levy protects Cleveland, and even if one is not inclined to believe in ghosts, levy's poetry is certainly very-based in Cleveland, and, as a result, he isn't always well-known or understood outside of the area.  But if you do have an acquaintance with the city and its surroundings as well as the time period of the 1960s, then you will likely recognize how excellent a poet levy was.  He also was a talented collage artist.  In any case, I got inspired to adapt one of his poems in comic form.  For outsiders, it helps to understand that Hunting Valley is the little suburb where the people who owned Cleveland lived, which is still somewhat true today. Anyway, here's the comic (click on it to make it bigger):

For more literary fun, read levy's poetry and my novels, such as the latest one, Fast Guy Slows Down!

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