Monday, July 24, 2023

Another Dead Drummer

Ever since the virus panic turned into a vaccination gold rush a couple of years ago, I've noticed that a lot of musicians, especially drummers for some reason, have been dropping dead suddenly.  Given that the mRNA vaccinations have cardiac and immune system disorder side-effects (in addition to not working very well for their stated goal), when I hear of a musician's sudden and untimely death lately, I wonder if he or she got vaccinated against Covid-19, and what role that flawed product might have played in the passing.  Usually, I'd suspect a drug overdose or suicide when I hear of a musician dying young (or younger for the middle-aged ones), but when I hear that someone like Rick Froberg has died of "natural causes" at age 55, I wonder what role the vax might have played.  I've thought the same of the following musicians:

Rachel Nagy - The singer of The Detroit Cobras died at 48, and I've never seen the cause of death revealed.  I do note that she was supposed to play in Cleveland right before she died, and the venues here, like most places, were run by crazed vax zealots.  If the vax did play a role in her death, it's ironic that her band is playing a tribute at the same venue that might have contributed to her death with their vaccine bigotry and hysteria.

Blackie Onassis - I would have suspected the former Urge Overkill drummer to have died from drugs, but no cause of death is listed, and he was only 57, so I wonder about him.

Andy Rourke - The bass player of The Smiths died at age 59 from pancreatic cancer.

Pat Fish - The Jazz Butcher died unexpectedly.  He was 64.

Jeremiah Green - drummer for Modest Mouse, aged 45, died quickly of cancer.

Nanci Griffith - At least she made it to 68, ahead of the other ones on the list.

Taylor Hawkins - Suggestions that the vax played a role in the death of the 50-year-old drummer of The Foo Fighters were quickly met with outrage.  If only the outrage had been there when people were pressuring these musicians to take a flawed Big Pharma product due to the virus panic . . .

In any case, the list goes on.  Not all deaths of musicians in the past couple of years make me think the vax played a role.  Tony Bennett was old.  He wasn't going to live forever.  D. H. Peligro, another dead drummer, of The Dead Kennedys went due to the sadly all too traditional drug overdoes route.  But, if the vax did play a role in some of these other deaths, then the loss of the great music they might have made is yet another casualty of the virus panic.  If the hysteria hadn't been there, then it's likely these flawed products would not have been approved, given even the Big Pharma friendly nature of government regulators, but maybe that's even too much faith in the government.  In any case, best to think for oneself.  And, if you did get the jab and you're feeling fine, count yourself lucky.

I wouldn't recommend taking up the drums then though.

For happier times with music, listen to the Yeast? 7"!   


  1. I don't know if the comments section will continue the list, but just this week Bush Tetras released a new album with Steve Shelley on drums. I wondered what happened to the old drummer. Well, he died in the fall of 2021 of a heart attack, fitting the pattern: Another dead drummer . . .

  2. Also, two days after this post was published, Sinead O'Connor died. Also unexpectedly and with as of yet unclear cause of death, fitting the noted pattern. She was 56. Most mainstream media seems to be hinting at suicide through their heavy mentions of mental illness, but suicide seems unlikely for a singer finishing a new album and planning a tour:

  3. This week, it was bass players dropping dead suddenly and fitting the pattern. The Shins ( and New Bohemians (

  4. Vax didn’t play any role. Non vax deaths are inevitable.

  5. Yes, obviously Fad Gadget didn't die from a mRNA vaccine, but Pete Parada is alive and Taylor Hawkins is not, so you'll have to provide some evidence to support your claim that "Vax didn't play any role" to start persuading me that something odd is not going on.


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