Sunday, May 21, 2023

Noisy And Not So Noisy On Bandcamp!


The new album is now on Bandcamp, so now you should be able to listen to it just about anywhere you want.  If you want a mellow version, then Spotify is your ticket since they master it and make it the same volume level as everything else.  If you like it loud, then Soundcloud is for you.  The Bandcamp version is also loud, but it has WAV files uploaded, so it's probably a bit more dynamic, though that will depend on how Bandcamp translates them into MP3s if you download it.  

Anyhow, musicwise expect the occasional single this year if I write any new songs.  Next year, will see the Gang Of Foreigner album if I don't get run over by a bread delivery truck or something.  Some of the tracks from that album are already on Soundcloud, so give them a spin.  As for Noisy And Not So Noisy, feel free to let me know your favorite song on the album or whatnot in the comments.  Otherwise, I'll just assume you loved them all equally.  I made "Sourheart" the featured track on Bandcamp, so I suppose that's the single from the album now that it's released (they all were singles before the album's release).

If you want more Wred Fright music, then listen to the first Yeast? 7", still available after all these decades (i.e., we found some more copies in the back of the closet).

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