Monday, May 29, 2023

New Single!: All Roads Lead To Death

Given the very metal song title, I thought about making the music match, but this is one of those songs where the music came first, and the lyrics second, so I didn't have the heart to break them up.  Musically, this is all at the limits of the standard guitar fretboard.  Lyrically, it is a cheer up song, albeit with quite a bit of gallows humor in it.  I hope it's not implying that life choices are meaningless since it's just meant as a suggestion for people not to dwell on their past decisions too much so they can move on with their lives.  For the weird instrument, I used a tea tin for the high frequency percussion.  Otherwise, it's the usual guitar, voice, bass as keyboard, and drums.  I played some keyboard on it as well.  Lyrics are below:

You didn't save anything for retirement.
You thought the world would have blown up by now.
So now you have to move in with the raccoon
who lives in a hole in the tree in the backyard.
And what became of all those gals you were going to go on second dates with?
Instead, you just went out on more first dates.
So now you're sitting around alone
wondering how things went so wrong.

It doesn't much matter what life choices you made.
All roads lead to death
So just relax and take another breath

You were eating bacon; I can smell it in your sweat.
How come all those politicians for peace keep voting for war?
They complain about the latest mass shooting,
but the whole society's based on violence.
Stop paying property taxes and watch what happens.
Men with guns will escort you from your property.
I see all those Big Pharma commercials selling fear,
but I got what you need, and it's free, and, baby, it's right here.

My uncle told me to eat peppers.
It would put lead in my pencil.
You can sing your pain, emo boy,
but no one cares.  They have pain of their own.
The women of the world are united.
The employers of the world are united.
They wish you well in your future endeavors.
So don't go around thinking you're clever.

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