Sunday, April 23, 2023

New Recording!: "A Couple Of Beers With Igor"

This song is fun to play, so it's a nice one to end the tracks from Noisy And Not So Noisy with.  The track order on the album will be different (feel free to put suggestions in the comments or by email, but I think I have a good track order in mind already), so this may not be the last song on the album, but it's a nice one to end the run of singles on.  You can read what I wrote about the song when I first wrote it, read the lyrics, and hear the demo version here.  For the rerecording, it's the usual voice, guitar, keyboard as bass, and drums.  I also had some fun with the keyboard here for this ode on planning to give up planning, and, of course, I had to use a couple of beer cans for part of the percussion.

Thanks to The Tinnitist for featuring "Bonehead" on a recent playlist!

For more Wred Fright music, listen to the Yeast? 7"!

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